Five Killed, Eighteen Wounded In Colorado Springs

Not sure how smart she is, I haven’t been reading this thread. But she’s got nice boobs. That’s gotta count for something


Because they were off the radar for most of us. The kid involvement has shed light on the subject.

So you just identified Antifags to a tee.

Same here. FFS even my gay BIL calls other people faggot. Guess he’s coming from a place of anger too.

It sounds like you would say he doesn’t say it in a hateful, angry way, which differentiates your account of your friend from the neighbor’s account of the Colorado shooter. So not sure what point you’re attempting to make.

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This is sexualizing children. It is state sponsored and in schools to this day.



Read the painting in the back.



Nope. I love all my gay friends and support their right to marry as anyone else.

What I detest is the sexualization of children and those who downplay it.

Like you.

You, who defended minimum sentencing for pedos in possession of videos with 8 year olds being raped on camera.


What age are those kids ?

If they are in puberty then reading about sex or seeing sex in cartoons isn’t a big deal

I leave sentencing decisions to the judges who know the law and know the specifics of the case and know the standards. I don’t jump in beyond that, just like you never have, and never will again, except when propagandists tell you to.

I’ve been waiting about a year now for you to substantiate your claim that that guy had “videos with 8 year olds being raped on camera”. I never read that and you pretend not to notice the question every single time I ask. Did you make it up?

And to you, “sexualization” means replacing male/female in something you would not consider “sexualization”, with male/male or female/female. Then the magical transformation to “sexualization” happens.

You’re defending pornography and books about 10 year olds giving blowjobs in school.

Eat your weapon.

And to answer your question, these are in elementary schools as well as high schools.

Nobody gives a fuck what you think, Heinrich.

Prove it.

Your defending the 8 year old minimum sentencing is in black and white for all to see on the Kentaji thread.

We all know exactly what you are.

Eat your gun.

“The Florida Department of Education is investigating who purchased the book Gender Queer: A Memoir for the Orange County Schools library system, the Orlando Sentinel reports.”

The OC Schools Library System covers all grades.

Kid fucker thinks it’s ok well…because he’s a kid fucker.

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It does happen. I don’t see that passage as advocating for it, but kids, even young ones, sometimes do sex stuff. Not healthy, but let’s not pretend it doesn’t happen

I agree that it shouldn’t be in elementary schools

It shouldn’t be in any schools, you fuck.

I have no opinion on the sentencing, I leave it to the experts. Unlike you I’m aware that her sentencings were not out of the ordinary for judges from either party.

I notice you are dodging AGAIN the question about the “videos of 8 year olds being raped”. Is this something from one of her sentencings or are you making it up? You continually refuse to provide a link to this.

What does that say there about which schools the OC Schools Library System bought the book for?

Don’t worry, it isn’t.

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They oversee ALL the schools and cover ALL grades.

Keep deflecting.

Everyone sees you for exactly what you are.

Eat your gun.