Fix the damn scrolling issue with the app!

For the love of god fix the fucking scrolling issues with the app! It either doesnt scroll at all or just decides to just go all on its own. You seem to not have had any issues getting fucking ads to show up all over. Top men do better!


Lol i thought this was an issue with my phone. I agree fix this shit. Sometimes im scrolling and it goes all the way to the end


Wanna scroll or jump up? 50-50 if you will get Back or manually find your place again


Yep same

Wait, what’s the problem?

Mine scrolls fine.

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Yup it’s beyond infuriating. I try scrolling and it immediately takes me back 200 posts earlier


Switch to browser on your phone. I been so much happier

If a thread delays in loading, like a lot of pictures or replies and you start scrolling, it will jump to the most recent post on the thread

Chrome browser on Android


It’s insanely annoying.

Ahhh… you’re not using the app.

This has been going on for a month.

The new issue is that it’s become almost impossible to not hit the thumbs up button all the time.
Also, I’ll mysteriously give a thumbs up when I’m not even touching the screen. Sometimes a thumb will just turn yellow as I’m reading.

I dont pay to be here so I’m not bitching, just giving feedback.


I use Brave. Same thing is happening with that. It all started when the Googlepocalypse went down.


As I’m reading posts, it decides to skip all 50 and drops me in the off at the end of the thread…

Began happening after the site “maintenance”.



Same for me. Top Men, fix this.


Same… I’m thumbs upping all kinds of stuff I wouldn’t normally…:sweat_smile:

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@Kirik @Chris

This is above my dickpic grade.

it does it on the browser as well

This is why we wanted pages.

You know.

Like a normal forum.

Like all normal forums have used for 30 years or so.


My favorite thing the app does is go to the previous thread I was reading sometimes when I’m scrolling a thread. Happens most when the app hangs for a second loading data. Given how the thread list refreshes, I may lose a thread for a while.

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