Fixing Gi Pants Drawstring

Hey guys:

Through washing and rolling, it would appear that one side of my pants' drawstring is considerably longer than the other. In fact, the shorter side is close to getting lost inside the pants.

I've tried to make the short side longer, and bring an even balance of length to both sides. I just can't figure it out.

Any suggestions?

its hard to explain over the internet, just go to your instructor and he should know how...or else find a new instructor.

You need to change the collor of you're bult. Train hard, keep leening to the short side and it will all work our after your promution. In the meentime, put a short stick through a slipnot on the shurt side. oKAY?

I would just throw the pants out, they seem to have outlived their use.

no dont throw them out, or lean to one side. That advice is just dumb.

Anyone who trains hard has had this happen to them before, its just hard for me to explain in words, I would google it, or ask a higher belt.


Hard to explain in words. You have to pull the string on the side that goes through to the other side. It makes one side longer. If you play around with it you should figure it out.

Somebody should do a dvd on this or make it part of the Blue Belt Basics.


take it apart and reinstall with coat hanger wire

Just pick up the cord on the longer side and pull. It looks like you are making the long side longer, put actually what happens is that it is balancing the cord lengths out. Pull until you have equal amount of cord on both sides. I swear this worked for me.

just pull on different parts of the string... both ends in front, and both
ends of the loops by your hips. it shouldnt take a rocket scientist to
eventually figure out how it works.

i hate gi strings, BTW. an even better solution would be to just pull the
entire thing out and replace it with a piece of rope.

Don't any of the other associations include this in their newsletter?

shen showed me this move for only $49.99 when I joined his assoc. I could tell you, but then everyone would know it (and I'll be in some hot water with shen).

Real men don't need the string. My pants don't fall down because they know better.

you can also get a manikan and put the pants on manikan. Use rubber medical tubin to hold the pants up on manikan. problem solved.

see also, maybe they can help.

Ok well if it is a flat drawstring then it is probably even more of a pain in the ass.

A good thing to do is when you have the pants on grab the shorter side with your hand, then with your other hand grab the waist line of your pants but make sure you don't pinch the string inside while your doing so or it will negate what your trying to do.

Than after that pull the short end of the string towards the outside as far as you can then pull the waist of your pants with your other hand around the opposite direction and repeat rapidly.

It also helps if you twist your hips at the same time you are doing this

This should work all the time for me and I figured I'd give some real advice.

i used to have problems with my pants coming untied all the time, and then i finally bit the bullet and had a tailor sew my pants up real nice and tight while i was wearing them.

plusses: never have to worry about your pants falling down or getting loose again

minuses: can't take off gi pants, which makes showering and using the bathroom quite a chore.

all in all, it's probably the easiest and best solution.

Eviladam, did you have them sewn to your skin? I heard it helps.. After a while they should feel like a part of your body.