Fixing the POS known as TUF

Let’s face the facts TUF has become absolute shit. Trying to Jersey Shore it up with no skanky chicks… I watched one episode of this season and thought well this is fucking stupid. I think I would rather eat out a dirty hooker then watch the full season. I doubt MTV would even air it.

Just sitting here on the crapper thinking. We need to try and fix this broken POS. I’m hoping next season will be better but I’m not going to hold my breath. Just some of my thoughts on how to improve it; well make it so that I would watch it.

What makes a successful show?

People caring about the characters, enough so that they want to see what happens to them.

What makes us care?

The situations and obstacles that your characters experience, together with emotive themes like those already mentioned, helps create immediacy with the viewer, especially if they’ve gone through similar situations, because then they can empathize with the character, they have experience of it.

Realistic experiences become the foundations of the themes we choose. Things like the loss of a loved one, being bullied, becoming parents, landing in trouble with parents, peers or teachers, losing a job, or perhaps finding love, seeing the world, getting that dream job etc. Most people have felt many of these emotions at some point in their lives.

Experiences play a significant part in making the viewer care about the characters. They see these experiences and understand the difficulties the character faces.

So, how do we fix the show? In no particular order

1.) Cut all the Jersey shore BS.

2.) Try to make this a real tournament, in which the fight results count. Now some people will say, how do they hide the official records as to not spoil the show? Simple. Make the show a mix of live and film. Make all the fights live but the rest of the show filmed. Make the show Tuesday or Wednesday night. Only problem I see with it is the medical suspensions that may come later in the show when the fighters fight more frequently, so might have to continue to be “exhibition” matches but still live.

3.) Have the judges pick their teams and then make a random draw for who fights who, this will make it easier for the production crew to focus on certain fighters for the week.

4.) Put a 200K Prize for the winner of the tournament, Each fighter gets 5K for a fight win or lose, but another 5K if they finish the fight. Decisions get nothing extra. Even let the audience vote on another prize, give four options, Fighter A, Fighter B, split or no one if it is a really shitty fight. So if a fight was a real barnburner and fighter A wins and get a sub or KO and the Audience thinks fighter B should get a prize too, they can vote it for him. (Monetary figures are examples, could be higher or lower)

5.) After they have selected the 16 fighters, they should send the entire group fighters home for a month. In that month they need to film the fighters for a week each. Record their daily lives, just like primetime. Four film crews are enough to get all the fighters filmed in one month.

6.) Start the first half of the show just like primetime, mainly showcasing the two fighters who are about to throw down, then the coaches and the rest.
A really good production can make people care about the two fighters. Mix in some of their training, confessions, teammate interviews from the week. The production has to show/create
• Empathy, create immediacy
• Characters that views can identify with
• Sympathy for your character’s situation
• Emotive themes the viewer will understand – the motivation that drives the story forward – love, hate, revenge, death etc. (Not Julian Lane shit) Fighting for his family etc
• Make characters believable and interesting
• Antagonists a viewer would love to hate
• Inflict pain upon your characters, make their lives hell, make the viewer feel for them. (Hard training, missing family, etc)

7.) Coaches’ challenge is fine but make it something fair.

8.) I think the UFC should have a set of high class resident coaches so as to not allow like what happened in previous season where it appeared one team wasn’t getting proper coaching.

9.) Keep it serious. But throw in some legitimately funny things that happen, not just stupid funny all the time.

Maybe Blaf will take some ideas from this. What else should they do?

Never again will I type on an iPhone... Phone Post

Wow. I clicked on this thread expecting something laughable and unfeasible. Pleasantly surprised it was the exact opposite. Would definitely watch, "Your" version of TUF than what we've been given as of late. VTFU when I get home. Phone Post