FL- couple surrenders ONLY after sexual last reqst


A police standoff on the west side of Jacksonville, Florida, ended without bloodshed – but not without one very strange request.

Ryan Patrick Bautista and Leanna Hunn were hosting a birthday party when police surrounded their trailer around 9:30 p.m. They responded by turning off all the lights and refusing to allow any of their guests to leave.

The SWAT team called in hostage negotiators who spoke to the couple inside by phone and bullhorn.

Though the neighbors were kept awake by the police presence, Lt. Jessie York explained that no one had to be evacuated:

“Fortunately no evacuations were required at this particular location because it was isolated and the time of day didn’t require any type of duress for the citizens in that area.”
Leanna Hunn spoke to negotiators, saying that she would leave the house only on one condition: she and Bautista had to have sex one last time.

The standoff ended peacefully when police entered the home at 4:00 a.m.

The authorities arrested Bautista on several outstanding warrants and Hunn on charges of resisting police without violence.

As an added bonus, police also arrested Michael Forte, a suspect in an unrelated murder, on an armed robbery warrant when they found him in the house, as well.

Thus ended an unforgettable evening… for the arrested criminal couple, and for the police.


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