Flabby skin

Basically my stomach area needs to tighten up.I was a former fat kid who lost 70 lbs. I do Taku intervals on a treadmill 5 times a week Monday-Friday. I run at 10 on the treadmill for 1 minute then jog at 6.5 for another minute and repeat that about 5 or so times. Ican feel that there is really no fat there just sorta liquidy. My mom said she noticed my stomach gittin smaller but is there any herbal supplesments or any supplements in general that can help me out?

Thanks Marc

It will take time, but the skin will tighten up. I didn't lose 70 pounds but I did lose 30 and now I have a six pack. When I first lost the weight I had flabby stomach for like a year. Keep working the abs hard to build up the muscles and keep your diet lean.

Iron Joe is absolutely correct. There may be a chance that it will shrink to some extent but my guess is that that will pretty much depend upon how long you have carried the excess weight and how old you now are.

Do your best diet and exercise wise and then accept it-
unless surgery is an option.

the younger you are, the more likely it is that the skin will tighten up on its own. diet and exercise will help - and also, belive it or not, moisturizer (the drier skin is, the less elasticity it has).