Flagrant foul

That kid deserves a beat down. Where the fuck were the teamates at? 


White privilege. 

Kid needs his teeth kicked in 

ChicagoTom -

White privilege. 


Never understood sports where such contact isn't allowed. 

Didn’t even stop the shot, worthless a$$hole 

And he STILL got dunked on. What a tool.

Looked like some Crouching Tiger shit.. was the kid hurt at all? Almost looked like the padding there helped slow his fall.

Altofsky - 

Never understood sports where such contact isn't allowed. 

Same here. I think this is how basketball should be played (without the foul of course)

Holy shit, I feel bad for laughing but that dude went flying LOL. 

White kid should get shit stomped for pulling some shit like that btw. 

Even if its not about him i feel like the namr Grayson Allen belongs in this thread

he didnt prevent the guy from scoring either

Basketball doesn’t have multi game suspension for flagrant violations does it.  It should.

There should be a penalty that is very severe for flagrants that were intentional and that hurt the other player badly. 


The team should be punished actually so people wouldnt do shit like that.


The foul looked worse than the guy intended imo,  still stupid and reckless though

Not nearly as bad as I thought. Definitely a flagrant, deserves to be thrown out, but go watch Bynum take out Barea. Thats a real piece of shit move, no love taps.