Flair/Foley: Need McCandy!

"Ric Flair threw a punch at Mick Foley earlier tonight before the Raw tapings in Huntsville, AL. Foley refused to shake Flair's hand, and then made a remark Flair didn't like about asking for an autographed book. Flair connected with a punch before it was broken up but Foley wasn't injured and went on with the show."

Work/shoot? Any details?

Sounds like a shoot to me. If it was a work, they would have showed it on RAW and made an angle out of it.

Unfortunately Ric Flair has a documented bad temper with backstage incidents. He started an altercation with Eric Bischoff earlier this year (a legit but very short shoving match with threats thrown back and forth).

The back story is that Flair's had a problem with Mick Foley ever since his first book. It stems from comments made during the time Flair served as WCW booker and did not see Mick's potential to be a top guy. The ironic thing is Flair has publicly said that he 'never read' Foley's book and his entire grudge is based on here say. Foley basically said 'Flair didn't see much in me and didn't use me effectively'. Since Flair himself will admit this, there really shouldn't be much of a problem here.

Yet in his own book, Flair felt compelled 'return the favor' and bash Foley as both a performer and as a person. He even made it a focal point of his media campaign on talk shows and radio gigs. Since you normally don't find someone from with-in a company publicly attacking a fellow co-worker on that level without getting permission from the other guy and having a planned follow up storyline to make money off it, Foley was rightfully pissed. It's as if Flair was using the spotlight to carry out a grudge (with no payoff for Foley, only damage).

This caused a temporary riff between Mick Foley & WWE. That riff has since been healed....but the animosity between the two is legit. Foley has said he was willing to work an angle with Flair although he doesn't respect him as a person.

What happened at Raw was not staged, but an example of two people in the same company who don't like each other crossing paths after a long absence. That Flair 'threw a punch' is kind of sad.

Mick Foley comes off as a self-serving prick in his books.

clarenceworley: huh???

Ric Flair is the biggest ASSHOLE in the business!

mteub is correct. What are you smoking, man?

Foley is God. Clarenceworley must now be put to death for blasphemy.

true, Flair has been a ass for years, Foley isn't the first one to expose that one.

I am a big Mick Foley fan. I read both his autobiographies and bought all of his videos and DVD's. Having said that I can't totally disagree with clarence.

I can't totally disagree with stevekt.

LOL at old man Flair punching Foley. Yeah he's gonna be hurt by Flair's sissy punch. Here's a guy who gets up from literally any bump. Flair's figure 4 leglock ain't gonna do shit when Foley rains punches down his skull.

This will be settled at Wrestlemania, by two masters of the marks.