Flair to wrestle... ONE! MORE! TIME! WOOOHHHH!

OG pro wrastl’in top men, who is this guy?

He attacks Flair these days.

King of CT posts here I think

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Name is Matt Granahan.Old pro wrestler that’s hanging out with Bob Carson from Carson’s Corner lately.

The guy is stuck on himself.

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He fucked Flairs ex wife? Lol

Never seen the guy wrestle but would love to see it be Ric Flair vs. Nick Wayne lol.

Press conference on fite tv Thursday at 2pm eastern, sure we’ll find out the opponent(s) then

How about the Russian Nightmare? Or George South?

Flairs last matcb shohld have been in a studio setting. NWA would have been perfect. I would have had Nick Aldis be champion and Flair challenge him though. Aldis reminds me of Flair as NWA champ…just the way they carry themselves


This would be tremendous

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Will it really be the last match?

Flair needs to win.

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NWA did that a couple years ago with Aldis & Ricky Morton, it actually worked out pretty good.


Aldis doesn’t get enough credit for what he has done for the ten pounds of gold recently.

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Sad they can’t find an opponent for him yet. No one wants to be the one who killed Ric in the ring?

I’m pretty sure it will be Jay Lethal.

Probably still be the six man tag format, I’m guessing they got someone big if they felt they needed to move to a bigger arena

This is going to be a full card…any other matches announced? Will it be an all nostalgia card?

Probably be announced at the press conference tomorrow

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