Flair vs Homo

Found this pretty funny.

From www.prowrestling.com

Incident Between Ric Flair & Orlando Jordan's Male Partner
Date Added: March 31, 2010
Story By: Tim Brown
Credit: ProWrestling.net

There was an incident between Ric Flair and the on-air male companion of Orlando Jordan at a bar that several TNA wrestlers and crew members hang out at after last Tuesday’s iMPACT tapings. Flair got so upset while watching the male companion dance at the bar, that he confronted the man and cut a promo on him. Jordan’s male companion was saidf to be shaken by Flair’s comments, and left the bar shortly after.

Flair was said to be furious over the male companion having a role in the company, and “not belonging in the locker room.”

I wonder what the promo was he cut....


Flair is great

ARt, you are such a jizz drinker. can't you just be chill like everyone else???

I like Art, good guy

ArtWanderlei -  When Flair came back to WWE I spammed the shit out of this forum calling him "Randy The Ram"

Now that he is in TNA though, he is the man.  Everything TNA does is awesome and everything WWE does sucks.

Not exactly how you could have called Ric Flair "Randy the Ram" while he was in the WWE since he retired 2 yrs ago at Wrestlemania and "the Wrestler came out 1 1/2 yrs ago (Dec. 2008)well after Flair had retired from WWE. Did you know who Randy the Ram was at Wrestlemania 2008 already? 6 months before it had even been broadcast?

^ Not exactly sure how you could have....is what I meant to type.

I like Art, too. But his sarcasm is not a sarcastic sarcasm, but an angry yet sad sarcasm. basically, I don't think he is a jizz drinker, which if he is, is ok. But i wasn't using it as a descriptive term, but a derogatory one. i could've called him anything, but I am just trying to encourage him to let out some of this pent up anger he carries around with him.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tickets are still available for tonight's WWE Wrestlemania, including floor seats. A lot of tickets were sold or given away in the last couple of days that the place will appear full, but the box office still has seats available at of Sunday morning.

ArtWanderlei -  OK, but you typed TENS OF THOUSANDS.  That means at least 20,000 seats.

The tens of thousands of seats being available came from news websites.

Yes, he even posted the link in the thread when you asked him to.

Beezulbubba - Yes, he even posted the link in the thread when you asked him to.

I gave Art 2 websites and the same thing was also reported on gerweck.net

Art just wants to keep on trolling

ArtWanderlei - 
xcouturefan - 
Beezulbubba - Yes, he even posted the link in the thread when you asked him to.

I gave Art 2 websites and the same thing was also reported on gerweck.net

Art just wants to keep on trolling

 Neither said "tens of thousands" you put that in there.

and the trolling continues

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As for Randy the Ram, he was on here calling Ric that.  Now that he is in WCW, he is all of a sudden great again.</div>

Yall in a time warp? Flair is not back in WCW....it's TNA.

Also Flair retired after Wrestlemania 2008 so no way he was calling Flair "Randy the Ram" while he was in WWE, since his last match was April 2008 long before "the Wrestler" came out (by 6 whole months).