Flame Suite Activate!

Weidman will lose his next fight via vicious KO. Vitor will get his shot, chop away at his legs in the first round and then land a head kick at 1:27 of the second round.

Vitor will then call out JBJ and win via tko at 3:42 of the first round. The UG will erupt and claim that the fight was stopped early. Anyone who argues with the stoppage will have nightmares of Kim Winslow hate fucking them for the rest of their lives.

You've been warned. Phone Post 3.0

In? ... I think. Phone Post 3.0

Fuck you SwiftKey and your auto correct!!!! "SUIT!!!!!!!!!!!" Phone Post 3.0

thaVANILLA Gorilla - In? ... I think. Phone Post 3.0
For being first, you will be saved....

Lucky bastard. Phone Post 3.0

hubris -
I deserved that. Well, my phone did. VU for having a SUITE layout ready to go. Phone Post 3.0

Inspector Lunge -

Too soon....How dare you reference that fire hose to Silva's leg! Heartless bastard! Phone Post 3.0