Flames Fans hurting the Wings?

Lol this is pretty sleazy but kinda funny too:

Waking up weary Wings

If dancing chickens, ice cubes and a marching band aren't enough to rattle the Detroit Red Wings, then two city radio stations don't know what will. "We want to throw Detroit off their game," said Gerry Forbes, of CJAY-92's Forbes and Friends morning show.

He, along with personalities at Vibe 98.5, have embarked on a quest to do just that, and it all started with a 6 a.m. phone call.

"We had (on-air personality) Jodi (Hughes) call the hotel saying she is Curtis Joseph's wife and needed to speak with him," Forbes said.

The call went through, waking up the Red Wings goalie, but that wasn't the end of the radio stations' antics.

"We also tried to bribe housekeeping to knock on his door and dump a bucket of ice on him, but she said she'd get fired if she did that -- she had a few laughs, though," said Forbes.

The early wake-up call then continued with another personality dressed in a chicken costume -- a fitting mascot for Detroit, Forbes believes.

"He had a megaphone in his hand, and marched in front of the hotel to wake up the team," said Forbes.

"There was also about 15 to 20 cars honking their horns as well, so that helped."

Speaking of marching, both radio stations invited the Calgary Stampede band to regale the Wings this morning with an early-morning performance.

"We'll just keep plugging away as long as it takes," Forbes said of the amount of time they'll devote to making Detroit's stay as uncomfortable as possible.

Thats some weak shit. I hope they go and kickfuck that douchebag.

well, 6am feels like 9am to the Wings, so I doubt it felt like much of a "wake up" call.

on the other hand, if some DeeJays in the "D" do this, it may have more of an affect.

so here's to Drew & Mike giving the wake-up call to those Calgarian Pricks on Saturday!!!

You really don't want to draw the wrath of Drew and Mike, or their army of listeners.....


I'm not 100% but listening to the radio this morning it sure sounded like they did manage to get the Stampede Band out.This was also the second day of shenanigans.They did the same thing the morning of the first game here, had most of the cars that passed the hotel leaning on the horns, and a bunch of whacko fans got tossed from the hotel amongst other things.

Freqman, it's only 2 hours difference not 3.

Drew and Mike would/will kick the every loving shit outta them.

ttt for the Flames getting an early wake up present in Motor City.

Man did that Drew and Mike sure do a number on them....

That kind of stuff is really lame.

LOFL @ Spank