Flash Knockdowns

A normal part of sparring or a reason to be scared homie?

I've never been knocked down until tonight but I guess things are starting to pick up, being thrown in with better guys and going a lot harder now with potential to have a fight soon.

I know I'll probably get trolled so here's the story- ate a lot of shit from a more experienced dude 20kgs heavier than me (18kg if we are being pedantic) who hits like a truck. He was slow and I saw them coming but rather than ducking under I was buggered so I wanted to lean back... trapped on the ropes meant I took some shit. At the end of the round after taking a fair bit but giving a little back one caught me and I dropped. Sprung back up though. Never happened before and lesson learnt- I'll get him back next time.

Personally I disagree with the school of hard knocks but I went through it nevertheless.

I think especially when training for a fight boxing trainers like to see what you're made of. There is an old saying that a trainer doesn't know what he's got in a fighter until he's seen him get knocked down. My trainer loved this idea, fuck that fucking prick.

If it happens only rarely in sparring I guess I wouldn't worry too much. If it's common in your gym I'd be concerned and consider switching.

If anyone talks down to you on this thread, fuck those pussies unless they've been KO'ed and came back from it themselves.