Flashback: Heyman/Lawler Debate

This special Flashback moment goes back to March on 1997. Vince McMahon has always had a soft spot for Paul Heyman. Not only would he allow certain workers to make guest appearances in ECW, but he even went so far as to allow them to "plug" an upcoming PPV on Monday Night Raw. The place was Philadelphia, and the setting was a debate between a Jerry Lawler & ECW Owner Paul Heyman. The topic: Should ECW Exist?

Jim Ross (JR): Ladies and gentleman, we are ready for the great debate. In the ring, representing himself, Jerry "The King" Lawler. {Crowd boos} And please welcome, representing Extreme Championship Wrestling, Paul E. Dangerously. {no notable crowd reaction. This wasn't a pro-ECW crowd. Paul E. enters the ring}

The premise here is, the question Mr. Lawler is posing, is should ECW exsist. Now, we had our obligatory cointoss in the back, and Lawler won, so he will start with a 90 second opening.

Jerry Lawler (JL): First of all, the question is not "Should ECW exsist?" My question is "Does ECW exsist?" Because you see something Paul E., you are being seen right now by more people than -- oh, wait a minute, what's this?

{ECW tag team champions the Eliminators and the D-Von and Buh-buh Ray Dudley make their way to the ring. The Eliminators stand on the ring apron, the Dudley stand on the arena floor}

Lawler continued

Yeah, keep out there if you don't mind. You see Paul E. you are being seen by more people right now than in your entire life because your entire promotion is a bunch of misfits and a bunch of thugs and a bunch of has-beens that couldn't catch on to a legitamte wrestling organizations. Listen up guys, I'm talking about all of you. Do you understand that? {directed to the wrestlers} So what you idiots did, you all migrated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and you got your pea-brains together and said, "We can't wrestle, so maybe if we beat ourselves in the head with frying pans and baseball bats covered in barb wire, maybe there are enough morons and brain-damaged idiots in the city of Philadelphia who will come and see it!" And you all go to a bingo hall in Philadelphia and put on your charade, and there is blood throwing everywhere, and 1100 idiots come to see it. When the WWF comes to Philadelphia, they put 22,000 people in the Corestates Spectrum (Corestates Center) and my question is . . .

Paul E. Dangerously (PE): Shut up! Shut up! Shut the hell up! The fact that the World Wrestling Federation puts 22,000 people in the seats is not a testament to anything that you have ever acomplished in your entire stinkin' life. The fact that we earn the respect of every one of those 1100 people by bleeding, by sweating, by fighting, by dragging ourselves down and showing everyone of those people that we will bust our ass! Bust our ass! to give them their money's worth. That is what ECW is all about. And on Sunday, April 13 {quick shot of Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, and Beulah McGillicutty making thier way to the ring} we're gonna give them a pay per view. You're right Jerry, we are very small. . .

{Sandman, Dreamer, and Beulah have entered the ring}

The Sandman (TS): Paul E., you give me the high sign, and I'll cane his ass! ! !

JR: Maintain some decorum, please!

JL: You outta get down on your hands and knees and thank your lucky stars that you are allowed to plug your stinking pay per view on Monday Night Raw. And why Vince McMahon allows it, I'll never know. You're pround of being able to draw 1100 people? There are 4 million people in the city of Philadelphia. That's 1100 idiots that would watch paint dry!

PE: You wanna shoot with me? You wanna shoot with me?

JL: I'm shootin' with you!

PE: You wanna shoot with me, okay. Hey, how ya' doin' at the see-saws in Louisville, Jerry? Huh? Your own sons don't even call themselves Lawler.

JL: Is that right?

PE: Why? Because they're ashamed of your ass? We've earned everything we've ever got. We give these people their money's worth.

JL: You've never earned a thing in your life. You're a 35 year old man. . .

PE: 31! How old are you?

JL: . . .who still lives with his parents. If it wasn't for your mom and dad, who finance this bunch of crap, you wouldn't be anything. You wanna shoot with somebody? Why do you hang around with these guys? You're not an athelete!

PE: I hang around with them because they give the people their money's worth. Because they want to go one pay per view and be extreme. We are the Howard Stern of professional wrestling. We're hardcore and damn proud of it.
JL: Do you know why you hang around with these guys? Because you're a little light in the loafers! Go ahead and admit it.

Tommy Dreamer (TD): You wanna start a war? You get everyone of your guys out here, and I'll show you how to start and F'n war right now!

{Dreamer knocks down the podium during this speech, and Sandman opens a beer, pours it down his throat, and then smashes the can against his head, busting his head open in the process.}

JL: You brought your crew. I got friends too ya' know. . .

{Paul E. is stuggling to hold Dreamer back. Dreamer is challenging him to bring it on}

You don't want me to get my friends. They're about this tall. {Lawler holds his hand way over his head}

PE: {to Dreamer} He's a piece of crap, Tommy, he's not worth it.

JL: Alright guys, come on down.

PE: Who you got?

TS: C'mon! {He is standing in the isle, holding a rattan cane.}

{Nobody comes out}

JL: Come on out guys. I got guys back there.

{Still no one comes out. At this point, Dreamer, Beulah, the Dudley, and the Eliminators are all in the ring with their boss, and Lawler is looking like Custard. }

PE: I'll tell you what Lawler. You can take your pick of any guy in the ring. First two punches are for free!

JL: I got guys back there! {It is obvious no one is coming out, and I don't know what the hell happened to Ross!}

PE: Lawler, get your ass out of the ring now, or where going to get it out for you.

JL: Let me tell you something Paul E.

PE: You aren't going to tell me anything!

JL: You're not going to do anything! You couldn't do anything! These guys here might do something, but you yourself aren't going to do anything.

At this point the show has to go to commercial. We won't see Lawler again for the rest of the night.

Ive got it on tape. I miss ECW!!!

I miss that whole ecw invaison angle. that was some good stuff. i hope wwe puts that all out on a dvd. that would be pretty cool.

Dude... do you sit in front of the VCR and transcribe this shit?