Flavio Canto vs Kato Hirotaka


Enjoy it!

whats even more impressive is that kato is considered one of the best ne-waza guys in japan right now. he wins almost all of his matches off of ne-waza. he is no amateur, but was made to look like one v.s. canto.

That was beautiful.


I can't help but notice the way his teammates and coach treat him after he walks off the mat. It's almost as if he dishonored them w/ the tap.
Several years ago we had a chance to train w/ a Japanese University team that came over for a couple of weeks to do the Disney stuff in Orlando. They were all excellent in all aspects of Judo but since our club does BJJ and Judo we found that our Newaza was much more effective than our Tachiwaza during randori. I, in no way mean we started to butt scoot, but only that we surprised many of their team on the ground.
At one point after being dominated in standup I attemted a sacrifice throw that opened up into a Jujigatame. To my surprise, my younger Japanese opponent refused to tap. I slowly bent my knees tighter thinking I had a bad angle untill I actually felt his arm dislocate. He never tapped. He also didn't do any more randori that day.

What surprized me was the lack of attack by kato. Japanese fighters usually are very aggresive in their attacks and this was completely missing. Canto set this up with his excellent uchimata throw attempt. I think kato's teammates were embarresed by his fighting spirit.

i also believe that kato may have let his nerves affect him. i think this was his first big tournament on the world stage. i think he may have competed in the asian games and world university games, but those arent a world championship.

from what i have seen though, his all around game is still not developed enough to beat canto under most circumstances. it wouldnt have mattered what he did imo.

SLICK as fuck armbar.

Its possible that Im transfering when judging his team mates. Nevertheless, as a coach of many current Jr. National Champions, I would have scoleded my club for not showing more support for their teammate.
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When executing Juji it is difficult to know when it is actually locked in properly. Its important during free randori to execute Gatamenowaza slowly for this reason. You are relying on your Uke's tap to let you know when it is properly applied because you cant feel his pain. Every elbow is different and will have a different angle that will get the submission. Another reason to apply the technique slowly is for that person to attempt an escape. You are mistaken to jump to a conclusion of "ego". My feeling is that the young man probably dislocated his elbow many times before like some people who easily dislocate knees/shouders easily when they play certain sports.