Flexible weapons vs. Sticks

Saw on the dog bros web site the video clip of sticks vs. other weapons - pretty interesting. Are flexible weapons, such as numchucks, chains, etc, a huge disadvantage, and if so, why were they developed?

I believe nunchaku, chains, rope, etc. were field expedient weapons. In other words, they existed as tools and utility items before someone developed their use as a weapon.

Theyre easy to carry and good against unarmed opponents. Thats what nunchaku was for. Its pretty shitty even against a knife, let alone a stick or, god forbid, a sword.

Don't say that to a ninja, you may upset him o.O

Heh, just repeating what the best Ryu-Kyu Kobudo instructor in Finland told me...
Straight line from Okinawa..

And hes an Yuishinkai-karate-jutsu head instructor in Finland. One of its developers was the "Japans last ninja" Seiko Fujita. He apparently tested techniques on pow:s.

He should know...

The point is that you cannot choose what weapon you will
have at the time of an assault. You may simply wind up with a
weapon of opportunity. We train everything against

Example: http://www.demibarbito.com/killinggiants.html


Well in that case you shouldnt train with nunchakus or sais at all..

Or is it different in America?

That stuff is just lying around on the sidewalk, waiting for you to pick it up?
I mean, when you train to use the sai, you train to use a piece of metal with prongs in it..Dont find that every day.. Nunchaks...hmmmm

Chain or rope of course is different.