Flexible weapons

i'm no expert on flexible weapons, but i figured i will post some links for you:

of course, from the great Don Rearic site:

i have a few more (Sayoc site whip articles, a Hapkido belt article), will post tomorrow. any more?

In my KILLING GIANTS video we sparred full
contact with plastic chain vs stick.

It's brutal!



Black Belt - Hapkido belt articleMartial Arts Training - Robert Bussey ninja chain articleforgot one more article from the Don Rearic site:Don's sjambok article

I've trained with the 9 section chain whip for about 6 years, its awesome, but wear eye protection.(Ouch)

Nice post Stickgrappler, thanks


ModernArnis,I've trained with the 9 section chain whip for about 6 years, its awesome, i first saw this weapon in a movie (5 MASTERS OF DEATH aka 5 SHAOLIN MASTERS - david chiang's character used it and i thought it was cool).but wear eye protection.(Ouch) YES!! for sure, very dangerous if you cannot control the flexible weapon yet or even when you have mastered it. something can go wrong. as with any weapon, definitely SAFETY FIRST!can I ask you a q on the 9 section whip? hope so, since you studied it for 6 yrs. from the movie, i saw a move and always wondered if it was legit or not. david chiang's character would step on the first section that is knife-shaped. he would "launch" it by doing a front kick with the leg/foot that was stepping on the first section. this would then penetrate the BG's. wondered if this was a movie move or a real move.Nice post Stickgrappler, thanksthanks, i'm getting into flexible weapons now. did a little surfing for research/notes to learn a bit. will have a few more links soon. but those were the "best" i've found so far.

from Sayoc.com:Sayoc Filipino Combat Whip Certificate CourseFilipino Combat Whip of Sayoc Kali ---------Torihimo - special restraining rope of feudal Japanese police

Hello Stickgrappler,

Yes the technique is legit. I first learned how to use the weapon, using a Rope with a rubber ball at the end of it.(I guess my Sifu didn't trust me?)

The technique your refering to can be done by stepping on it or while it is still spinning.
You allow the chain to wrap around the instep of the foot while it is swinging, then as it wraps under your foot, you snap it out, with a front-kick.

It took a long time for me to get it down, but it's sweet when you finally get it.


ModernArnis,COOL!! thx!i just a flexible weapon and looking to work with it. will have to get my goggles and maybe wearing a sweatshirt will be enough.It took a long time for me to get it down, but it's sweet when you finally get it. that is the case for many things. cool.Rope with a rubber ball at the end of it.(I guess my Sifu didn't trust me?) no - probably saving you from getting injured :-)

I'm sure he was, Thanks!


1) what style of CMA did you learn that taught the 9 sectioned whip?

2) were snaring/trapping applications taught or was it strictly for striking by whipping and by the front-kick.


My instructor trained (I don't train with him anymore) in a Style of Wushu. He was a total competitor, who loved competeing in tournaments almost every weekend. (Thats where we met)

He taught me techniques from Traditional Chain-whip & Japanese Manriki Gusari(Spelling) & some stuff he said was from a Japanese Obi (Belt) fighting art.

We learned Blocks, Strikes, Entanglements, Chokes, Throws & Take-downs & how to tie up our opponents.

It was alot of Fun & it helped me with other arts, (Arnis, Poi, etc...)


very cool! thanks for the info. have you done the entanglements/chokes/throws/takedowns in a live sparring format? if so, were you able to pull them off?

although i realize that the stuff i asked about are probably a whole lot easier to pull off after the opponent has been "softened up" with strikes and that this may not be the case with sparring, but just curious.


We never actually sparred. We only did one-step attacks & defenses.
He was more concerned with the competition aspect.

So we trained alot of forms.


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185 Total Posts Ignore User Hi Stickgrappler, My students have been able to do well under sparring conditions......Lemon was thrown back about 20 feet in on session. My main emphasis IS NOT disarming..although we do practise it, I find disarming to be dubious at best in sparring conditions. We use the handkerchief as a "shield" to do the following: 1) to fend of the attack then run away. 2) to fend of the attack then striking. Usually by snapping the middle of the handkershief to the opponents upper lip and continuing to run forward to drive his head into something hard. Or by hammerfist strikes etc 3) to fend of the attack, then doing an entry, by "snaking" an arm around his knife hand and immobilising it. The other hand immediately does the dirty by gouging, raking etc. Once the entry is done, the handkerchief has done the job and can be let go of. There are a few more good entries, but very hard to explain. The handkerchief give you an excellent psychological edge as compared to empty hands vs knife. I usually have an exercise where I get my students to defend themselves unarmed against a practise knife. I then substitute this with a real razor sharp box cutter. The change in their attitude is amazing, no one wants it near them...........I then give them a belt or handkerchief, and they have no hesitation blocking or parrying... We also substitute the handkerchief, and use t-shirts, as everyone is guaranteed to be wearing some form of shirt. Hope this helps R

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2922 Total Posts Ignore User Stickgrappler. Regarding the hankerchief under sparring conditions, i can personally attest to its effectiveness, as can the base of the window in rays complex. We were using a belt (same as a hanky or a bandana) and sparring vs a knife full out. Well I came in got parried and then "thrusted" with the belt by adam which sent me stumbling back about 5 metres into the base of the window which cracked a bit.... def an effective tooL!

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2534 Total Posts Ignore User stick -
i learnt hankerchief in silat after learning sarong. it is very cool. the sarong gives you a little more then hankerchief because it's draped over you like a sash and you use it like you would use someones gi against them - you can easily move your sash over thier head and apply tons of collar chokes. i know we dont wear sarongs or sashs , but you could wear a scarf. from there - most flexible weapons are pretty much the same (whip being the only different one that comes immediately to mind). we would spar in silat with the sarong and the BJJ guys would always do much better then the guys who didnt know it

here's some pix of grappling with sarong from Mike Krivka's Martial Arts Koncepts site:http://www.martialartskoncepts.com/html/images/gallery/roadwarriors/roadwarriors01.jpghttp://www.martialartskoncepts.com/html/images/gallery/roadwarriors/roadwarriors05.jpghttp://www.martialartskoncepts.com/html/images/gallery/gurodan199907/GuroDan19990702.jpgsome notes from a sarong grappling portion of a seminar from my site:http://stickgrappler.tripod.com/sub/sarong.html

Ron Balicki had an article on The Fighting Sarong, but it seems to be down. i've checked the site, and cannot find the articles section.

maybe sreiter can help?