Flicking off Dickhead TheBUS Drivers

(Dane A. not included in this)

long story shorter, one of the #4 bus drivers who drives teh late night route up the old pali road has got personal hate for me. he pretty much does his best to cut me off or pin me into my left turn lane--the bus stop is just left of my exit street. i know, you think i'm paranoid, but it's true. i can tell by the way he tries to always race me when i signal and pass him by his glares and shit, he hates me.

well, i want to kill this muther fugger, but instead of heading to the halawa hotel, i just scowl back. it's very unsatisfying because i don't think he is getting enough in return.

IF i flick him off on a daily basis, is there some type of regulation or something that breaks the law by doing this.

i've also thought about just getting one of those hand held lit signs that say "ASSHOLE"


i think he's local mobutu

 Give him this

stand outside your house and moon him as he goes by!

Sgt. Slaphead - stand outside your house and moon him as he goes by!

 If FC's junk shows hell become your local neighborhood pedo and wind up on THAT site after his long court battle. Too much too lose for flashin the moon if the the planets show also. Just think if he records it from his trusty DABUS monitor and it ends up on the news.

I just think you should hide up in some bushes a mile or so away and launch a brick at him in the darkness then make a swift return home and play your guitar and sip your purple drank like everything is cool.

Catch that bus, wearing a disguise of course. And leave him a 'present' in the back, before you get off.


lol, that would be funny to catch his bus one night...I get to film it.