Floor presses: Pavel vs. Westside

In Pavel's and Westside's routines, Floor presses are occassionally caled for. Do they both mean the same thing by floor press? If so, can someone describe them to me? Also, can floor presses be done with dumbells as well?

think as far as westside is concerned they are simply bench presses done off the floor rather than the bench.

"simply bench presses done off the floor rather than the bench"

same for Pavel


They are one of the top power lifting gyms in the world.

lol @ XenNova. Well westside does have a bit more experience in the field.

You can use a sqaut rack with the hooks at an appropriate setting, that is how I do them.

is it also good to do floor presses with dbs?

I believe the point(at least my understanding) of floor presses was to cycle off flat bench for a few weeks but still get the motion without the same range(floor keeps elbows from going to full depth). You can usually get more weight up, since you can't go to rock bottom.

yep the squat rack or power rack that has pins. the gym i lift at doesn't like it when i got DE Upper body day.