Florian: Lauzon is looking past me

From the article on MMA Weekly:

"But now here's a kid looking past me. He's training with B.J. Penn and apparently he's become B.J. or whatever it is and they're looking past me. You know what? If they do that, B.J.'s going to end up sending Joe Lauzon to the slaughter, because I'm not going to have anyone disrespect me like that or anyone going into a fight thinking they're just going to run right by me."


Looking forward to this one.

Kenny sounds pissed...

I predict an uncomfortable silence on this site from all the Lauzon fans after Joe gets destroyed.

The fight will be a war.

KenFlo > all

Since when did Kenny become this tough talking bully? First he makes Marcelo cry and now this. Creepy by kneebah!

He also says something about if Lauzon loses he'll have to "go down and fight a Joe Stevenson..." and how we wants to keep fighting the best in the division.

Please, when has Florain ever fought "a Joe Stevenson" or the best in the division? His biggest fight was when he given a title shot. Outside of his shot at the belt, he's never even got a sniff of a Griffin, Guida, Edgar, Fisher, Stevenson, or Penn. He beats Din and the next logical step is... Lauzon?

I am pulling for Creepy. I think this is just talk. This will be a great fight. I think the winner of this fight should have to fight Edgar if he beats Maynard. That fight will determine the new #1 contender.

This will be a great fight. I think Kenny will win.

Hope Kenny has been practicing cutting with his elbows because thats the only chance he'll have.

LOL @ R J!

Maybe after Lauzon beats kenny , kenny will give him his black belt.

This is going to be one heluva fight...could go either way. 

I think kenny is just a nice guy as a person and needs to get himself
worked up to generate a little anger. There is not a lot of direct
confrontation going. Typical way to get psyched up.

I think its a rare case of both guys looking past the other.

Neither thinks that this is gonna be the guy to derail their momentum.

Its weird because Florian has beaten the stronger names overall but Lauzon has the huge name victory over Pulver who was higher regarded than any of Florian's wins except maybe Thomas.

But before either of them can think about Sherk(how either could possibly beat him is beyond me but thats why they fight you know) they gotta focus on their fight in 2 days.

"He also says something about if Lauzon loses he'll have to "go down and fight a Joe Stevenson..." and how we wants to keep fighting the best in the division."

OH shit! that's a direct shot at Penn who's training Lauzon right now... basically saying he beat a nobody to become champ right there in my opinion. Anyone else take it as that?

KenFlo needs to keep his beef with Joe, starts bringing in other people espically champs he's going to lose a lot of respect.

Sherk beat a nobody to get the belt.

I didn't get the whole "a" Joe Stevenson.


i thought it was the other way around. kenny is the one who keeps saying "as a matter of fact, i feel no pressure whatsoever for this fight"