Florian/Weiner Seminar Tour Cont.

After a successful series in Massachusetts, Kenny Florian and Jared Weiner continue their seminar tour at the following locations!!

Feb 18th, 7pm At Lloyd Irvin Martial Arts, Camp Springs, MD. $50 Dollars per person. Gi and No-Gi positions.

Feb 19th at BJJ UNITED in Philly at 11 am, kimono only.

Feb 20th at CHAMPION MARTIAL ARTS at 11am in Maple Shade NJ, no-gi only.

These schools are no more than 20 minutes from each other so we are gonna offer $50 for one day and $80 for both.

Thanks guys, we hope to see you there!

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I will be bringing my DVDs with me for sale.

I can answer questions only about past episodes of TUF.

Steve72, I know Marco Perazzo, have spent time with Marco Perazzo. You sir are NO Marco Perazzo.

You sir are NO Marco Perazzo.

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Kenflo...is there another website where I can order your dvd besides jjgear.com?

Yes sir. You can get it from me by paying me via paypal. Payment address is crimsoncan@hotmail.com