Florida bans ‘critical race theory’ from its classrooms

Ill bet Don steps aside, and supports from behind the scenes.

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Proud to call him our Governor

How many other states can (generally) say they are happy with their Governor?

Regarding all the Florida jokes the internet made popular in recent years

Floridians have always known FL to be awesome. It is just the too cool for school out of staters who made the Florida hate a thing

Now everyone loves this place…and it is due to DeSantis showing how it is done

I’m an out of stater that moved to Tampa about 3 years ago. My only regret was that I waited as long as I did to move.

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That would be the best option for both him and the party.

They released bodycam video that looks like it was filmed underwater to protect that degenerate piece of shit so he can live to fight another day.

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I love this

I agree Trump should step aside.

He can endorse desantis and hold rallies for him in Red states.

Won’t risk the idiot Never Trumpers voting with their fragile feel feels again.

I think Desantis should then make Trump the White House Press secretary… just to piss everyone off!

Would be glorious.

Lmao you are one of the biggest faggot trolls that this site has ever known, but this was kind of funny.

lol press secretary would be hilarious.

He’s making some very, very smart plays. In between some very stupid ones, but the smart far outweigh by a wide margin.

His crib sheet probably just says “Whatever California does, do the exact opposite”, and he looks like a genius & a beacon of normalcy in an insane world.

Curious to see where this goes.

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Not sure which ones you consider stupid but overall he seems to be more like Reagan and that’s the right guy to model a presidency after.

Look how far it’s come where a politician can gain such popularity by just being against children being taught that all white people are pieces of shit.

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I remember seeing his name attached to some pretty boneheaded shit in months’ passed, but that’s part-and-parcel for the job. Not every swing will be a homerun, and when you have to pander to an insane base, you’re going to be attached to some shit that isn’t very good from time to time.

I don’t follow politics, I think it’s a filthy, disgusting, corrupted, and fixed game that needs to be torn asunder and completely rebuilt from the ground up.

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Yeah, low bar. I know.