Florida Fighter Next Pride!!!

I'm not sure on the details yet, but Dave Cummings, my old coach and good budy, is supposed to fight in the next Pride or the one in Jan against Ralf Gracie. Could still change but thats the plan.
He's fighting out of Orlando, so throw some luck his way as he pounds the shit out of a gracie. Let the world know that Florida fighters should be feared!!!!

ttt damn!!!

i called him but he hasn't returned my call yet, i want to train with him bad, should i call him again or wait for him to call back??


i dont think he trains people anymore. had problems in the past. its all up to him.

Best of luck to DC. 

Donovan, it's been crazy and I've traveled to IL and back last week.  I'll be calling you to set up a time to get together. 

Let's get the consistency rolling once the holidays are over and do what we can until then.   

"i dont think he trains people anymore. had problems in the past. its all up to him."

I know exactly how he feels. I will not train people anymore. My training is no longer available to the public. Anyone that trains with me has to be very fit. No more laziness tolerated.


I wish you luck with your move and finding good people 

tell me what you want for a training partner. conditioning? what the hell does that mean? can run 20 miles in 5 hours, can swim 1000 meters in 22 min? what do you want, how many times a week? get specific and you're so called training partners will know where they stand. Cummings had LEGAL problems... dont fucking ask. Nothing to do with training. He was the lazziest fucking prick of them all when I trained with him. Things have changed "I hope" but thats another story.
Whats up big L, what do you want in a training partner?
You have my email. Let me know.

Once my shoulder fully heals, I want to find people that train on the level that the people I trained with in Miami Beach were on. Good hard training. I am off the mats probably until the end of february.

Few people take it seriously in St Pete so I really don't want to waste my time.

I don't do this for fun, I do it for progress.

Once my shoulder fully heals...

What happened?  I just got released to train again after 7 months from shoulder and elbow surgery.  It sucked but it was necessary.  I hope it all turns out alright.  

Seperated AC joint. No surgery.