Florida Gov. Desantis - Has he changed the perception of Florida?

If he’s not running, there won’t be much to distance from, honestly.

No body really buys the racism or Russia troll angles anymore, so there’s that.

I’ll also be willing to bet some cash that Trump will never be indicted (well, he may get indicted), let Aldine see the inside of a jail cell…

Not sure where the “distancing” would occur if Trump doesn’t run.

i mean, of course there is. do you not pay attention? trump feuds with everyone who is critical of him. it started long before politics. even now his one recorded speech the only time other republicans were mentioned was to criticize them for not supporting him.


Yeah, I guess we’ll see. I’m sure having RD as the candidate to run against the current admin probably stokes some fear, as he won’t cater to an ultra liberal agenda the current one.

I mean, it will. Are most rational adults excites that an environmentally friendly, personal freedom loving Governor, who makes his decisions based on science, and has managed the VOVID pandemic far better than almost anyone is a future candidate.

What a stark contrast to the last 2 presidents.

Besides, what, specifically, do you think RD will distance himself on Trump from? Environment, maybe? I doubt it, though. He’s always been an environmentally friendly person, so no distance there…

you are thinking of things in terms that people who are foregone republican voters already think. that he is personal freedom loving, or that he is especially science based or that he is environmentally friendly, etc.

distance from trump could be on anything. actual policy never really seemed to matter much with his supporters. who could have thought that whether or not sparking an insurrection and putting the lives of congress at risk would put those critical subject to political backlash, but here we are. like anyone else who will want to be the nominee, when trump speaks/acts, the nominee is going to be asked for reaction. and not responding in complete fealty will result in a war. which trump will welcome because it is attention. and that will harm the nominee, whether it is desantis or somebody else.

trump is a huge problem for republicans. the good news for them is that their opponent is probably going to be kamala harris and she is pretty hated.