Florida man conversion continues.... getting some cowboy boots this weekend

He landed the plane on someone’s dog.

Breadbasket of the Confederacy. The home of the chief commissary officer of the Confederate army is in my home town. The name Florida Cracker is believed to be derived from the sound of the whips used by Florida cattle drovers.

Yep. South Florida used to be southern culture just like north Florida

It’s why we honor him every year on the date of his death

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I’ll be back in Florida soon. Didn’t see too many cowboy boots when I was recently there. Will report when I go back in March.

Cool. I’m getting some new boots this weekend too. Mine have to be CSA approved steel toes though. I’m looking for a nice pair of iron worker boots. I have 350 bucks in my boot allowance right now so I might splurge and get some fancy ones.

I haven’t worn cowboy boots since my teens. I don’t like heels on footwear so I don’t wear them anymore. You’re going to love the heels Zedned.

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You should buy some Ariats to get dirty.

I wear Lucchesse when I wear my cowboy boots (which is rarely)

Handmade and worth every penny. So comfortable and a status symbol

I have two pairs of Tecovas. Love them.

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What part?

They seem to be holding on to it for the most part.

The ostrich is what I have. The square toe wasn’t an option then. I do wish I went with a wider size

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The ostrich is beautiful.

I will try them on in the store. I really like the square toe.


Tecovas? no no no… unless you wear your Yankees hat with them!

Here… they even have a stock boot named after a real Florida boy…

I picked up two pairs from Tecovas.

Docs in black bovine and the full quill ostrich Wyatt’s in mahogany.

Beautiful comfortable boots. Been wearing them for days. Had to buy some straight leg jeans, the tapered slim cut jeans didn’t look right with them.

I am going to go back for another pair, but an actual work pair with vibram soles and such. We are putting together a multi day horse trek in the fall for Mrs Ned’s birthday (we have a lot of riding experience and have done several 8+ hour treks, including sections of the Lewis and Clark trail).

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Teeeeeheeeeheeee… for even TRYING this one!

And how did your skinny jeans look with the boots???

Guana is a pain in the ass. Make the drive to osceola.

Zned… ned… come on now, son…

And no one uses a 30-30 to shoot pigs anymore… get an AR and a chair for the pick-up bed. If you are a big roller, rent a helo…

And… smoking a feral pig?.. you know they taste like what they eat, right?.. which is usually sewage… enjoy that!

Oh, and don’t wear your new boots!

I’ll be in Clearwater beach in March. What’s weather then? Should I wear my Luchesse boots? Didn’t see a lot of boot wearers when I went.