Florida NAGA results


See you in class tomorrow!

Ethan DeMitchell

Thanks all of ya!!!!

lol @ http://www.imageshack.us/files/The%203-Stooges.jpg

marcos this is real funy!!!!!

didnt that kid with mohawk get choked out?


ATT is just bad ass! They do awesome in every event they enter. Congrats to the ATT.


Thanks, But for the words of confidence, but the brown belt I tapped wasnt in the purple belt division, it was a single match, that Kipp set up for him cause he missed the purple belt division, I dont think he was a ATT brown belt though, Im not sure where he was from. haha, he didnt want to fight me because "Im just a blue belt....." I was losing 3-4 when I tapped him. I want to say thanks to Kipp for having sucha great event, and congrads to all my teamates taht competed, always a great showing, I won three of my four divisions for Team Renzo Gracie, want to say thatnks to Alan and Danny for the great cornering. Thanks to ATT for their hostpitaliy. Look forward to competing there again!!!!

Dan Simmler is the man and should be Purple....

Danny Ives is correct, but Danny Ives is the man also and should be a brown...


Simmler is way passed due for purple.

great job by the delariva/bittencourt team which had 6 fighters and brought back 7 medals and thiago batata which brought home the belt after nice fight on saturday

After 8 hard fought matches Diego Saraiva won the NAGA US National championship titles at the NAGA National Championship tournament in Coral Springs Florida over the weekend. Diego won the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championship title in both GI and NO GI division. LA Boxing would like to congratulate Diego on this HUGE accomplishment.

Congrats also to Matt "the Ironman Sakatosa" competing in two division simultaniously, Mikey, Anthony, and the rest of the Gracie Barra Orlando crew (can't remember the rest, sorry!) on their medals!

was a great tournament. Very competitive. Diego from LA Boxing(atlanta) was the most impressive I saw all day.



What about this guy that I know from Gracie Barra Orlando(marcio simas team)he is a brand new purple belt and he beat a brown belt and almoust beat a blk belt in the gi division, he only lost by an advantage. In the no-gi he fought a brown belt he got taken down twice and then he did a sweep and got the mount and only got 2points for that wich cost him the fight in the over time ( he lost by an advantage again). After that my buddy told me that Kipp and all the other refs. were giving 4 points for the mount. The word here in the west is that he is not upset with the result. I think he will go far.