Florida teenager killed after Tasering by police

What's your opinion of this?

Right because you can resist arrest and have no consequences.

Teen should have just complied and not been tasered... That simple. Phone Post 3.0

In for cop haters and apologist Phone Post 3.0

Lets go over the facts of the case....

-18 year old at 5am
- caught tagging a structure ( criminal mischief)
- ran from police
- did not comply with police commands who have no idea if this male has any weapons on him.
- police used less than lethal force and the male unfortunately died

The blame falls on the teen, he should have listed. UNLESS, the officers left him on his stomach and he suffocated from positional asfixiatation Phone Post 3.0

There's too much missing from the story to know whether the police were at fault or not. It sounds like they didn't not use the taser gun excessively or incorrectly. The story does not give any details about when or why he died. Just that he was tased, and at some point late he died.

Law enforcement agencies are truly brutal in the police state US of A and a bunch of liars (e.g. DEA to DA's and Judges, NSA et al to Congress...) and thieves (mass stealing from the public, civil forfeitures) and murderers.

This poor kid should have stayed in Columbia.

“His body was on the floor like motionless, and they were all just laughing," Souza told WSVN News.

Another friend on the scene, Felx Fernandez, told the network that the officers were high-fiving and congratulating one another after subduing Hernandez.

“That made me feel terrible inside. These cops are gruesome, and they don't really care," Fernandez said.


LakerUp - A Taser alone cannot kill someone. It can exacerbate a CRITICAL preexisting medical condition, natural or drug induced. But so can any other less than lethal force option. Since the advent of the Taser, injuries to both suspects and LEO's have been greatly reduced.

Any suspect who takes foot bail while committing a crime (this one a felony) is subjecting themselves to less than lethal force. How else can an arrest be made after all? Tackling, takedowns, physical restraint holds, handcuffing, punching, baton strikes, and taser deployments are all examples of the same level of less than lethal force.

Unless there is far more to this story, there is nothing to this incident except an unfortunate death. Phone Post 3.0

You have been conditioned quite well. Good stuff.

This kid was spray painting an abandoned McDonalds. This extremely excessive force.

Studies have found that a shot near the heart even for a healthy person can be lethal.

"And earlier this month, Dr Douglas Zipes, one of the world’s most prominent cardiac electrophysiologists, published in the journal of the American Heart Association the first peer-reviewed human study demonstrating that darts in the chest can cause sudden death.