Florida vs FSU....What a Game

Florida St wins 38-34....Damn, that was one of the best games ive seen all year....Chris Leak is incredible, defintely one the best natural passers ive ever seen...And only a freshman

Awesome game. Florida played their hearts out, and so did FSU. Clutch play on both sides. Unfortunately, I have never seen worse officiating in my life. A lot of bad calls, and almost all went against Florida. It looks really bad when it's the ACC officials.

I have always believed that "we were robbed by the officials" was a sorry excuse. Until today.

I don't like the Gators, but they got shafted big time.

they didnt get shafted, they had 60 minutes to win that game...Enough with the excuses

This isn't the usual complaining about refs. This isn't pass interference against Miami in the 2002 MNC game (which was a close call). This isn't the extra second to MSU against UM in 2001 (which was bad, but only 1 play).

This was 3 calls that made a 21 point swing. Name me one other game where the refs decided the game as much as this one.

That was the worst officiating that I have ever seen. Florida got shafted, especially on the FSU fumble on the Florida 2 (yes it was a fumble by FSU).

yes, that was one the best game I've seen this year along with Bucs vs. Colts game on Monday night a few months back.

Having said that Florida got robbed big time. Those officials were paid off or something. Don't gimme that bullshit about they had 60 min to win the game. That game should have not been even that close. Plus, even with all the bad calls, Florida was winning until last minute. I am not a fan of either team, but FSU should be thankful of early X-mas gift they got.

"This isn't the extra second to MSU against UM in 2001"

What is this extra second of which you speak?

"What is this extra second of which you speak?"

lol, bastard. Now I remember. That's the game that UM won 24-20 when time ran out with the Spartans at the 2.

Hey man, can't help it if time stands still every time T.J. Duckett touches a football.