Floro coming to the US in March

In March Ray Floro will be returning to the US to conduct a series of kali ilustrisimo seminars.

March 6 & 7: Northern CA (Bay Area)/contact Michael Jen at mjen@pacbell.net

March 13 & 14: New Hampshire/contact Steven Lefebvre at airyu@hotmail.com

March 20 & 21: Southern CA (LA area)/contact Marc Scott at marcdscott@yahoo.com

More details on cost, time, and location coming soon.....


How far is Marc Scott from Pasadena? I'll be arriving on the 24th of January in LA.


Kita tayo kung libre oras ko pare.


Manila, Philippines


I am about 20 minutes from Pasadena.

Drop me a line at marcdscott@yahoo.com


Woohoo! I missed out on Ray coming to NorCal last Summer. I'm gonna make the SoCal one. Please let us know when there are more details to be had.

99luftbalut... lol love the name

Drop me a line at marcdscott@yahoo.com I will give you the info.



Any plans for Ray to do a seminar anywhere in Texas?



As far as seminars, it is simply a matter of someone who is willing to host it and cover the expenses. So far, no one from that area has contacted us.

Marc Scott,

Ok bro. I have very limited experience in KI. Me and mang romy's kid do mostly Vale Tudo and BJJ. Don't expect to learn anything from me. hehe


For those in northern Californian, Ray's ilustrisimo seminar will be held in San Carlos, CA on March 6 and 7. The seminar will be from 2pm - 5:30pm on both days. The cost will be $150 for both days and everyone must be registered and paid by Feb. 29th.

To register, call 408-531-1001 or e-mail me at mjen@pacbell.net.

Michael Jen

will these be worth it for someone who has never trained ilutrisimo?

usurper, I don't know about this seminar, but I was at Ray's seminar last year. Probably the best martial arts seminar I've ever been to, and well worth it if you don't train KI. In fact, my buddy never trained any FMA and got a ton out of it.

I have the reverse question. Michael or Ray, given that I went to the last seminar and have continued training in KI since then, is there anything new I'll learn in this one, or is it a replay of last year's seminar?


It will be no problem if you have never trained ilustrisimo.



We haven't decided exactly what we will cover in this seminar, however, it definitely won't be exactly the same as last time. Of course there will be some repeat information such as fighting stance, footwork, etc... since that rarely changes regardless of the weapon or how it is held. The last time, we covered the knife with the reverse grip. Maybe we can cover knife with the standard grip or maybe also even a little of knife with that kung-fu crane grip! We can even do a different weapon like stick/machete if you like. When people register, I will ask them what they would like to cover, but like I said, it won't be exactly as last time.

"March 13 & 14: New Hampshire/contact Steven Lefebvre at airyu@hotmail.com"

that's in Manchester...


I'm in Norwalk now with my cousin but will be looking for a flat in Pasadena. Yes. I lost 3rd round via referee stoppage. Judges say I won 1st round and was doing well till I gassed out. I didn't quit and the referee knew that I'd be dead if he didn't step in. Good call though bec I was just waiting to die or get knocked out. i might get the tape soon. Sino ka?


Hmmm. Do I know you?




Lucky for me, I get Ray in to teach classes at our academy. So suffer you poor suckers... ;)

Seriously, the great thing about Ray and what he teaches, is that what he does is constantly evolving. He could teach the same seminar he did last time and you'd learn a whole bunch of new things. His stuff just keeps on getting better. Why, because it is constantly tested in sparring.

Don't miss a Ray Floro Seminar.


ttt for Rays seminar!