Floro Instructors

Hi Guys

I had my server crash recently and am now rebuilding my web site. One of the projects is to get together a list of FFS Instructors and their locations with web sites if possible. Would appreciate some feedback


Hello Dale,

Great Idea! Let me know if you need any assistance! I'll be seeing Raymond on Thursday at the Sayoc Kali Sama Sama event! I'll see if he can post out to all the Instructors to get their information back to you.

Steve L.


Hi Steve,

Ray seems to be really looking forward to the event. He is taking it as an honour to be invited and couldn't shut up about it when we trained last week.

Should be good to get a bit of FFS info onto the site to answer questions.


Marc Scott teaches in LA.


Hello to All,

These are the ACTIVE FFS instructors to date, from all over the "world".

In the USA

INDIANA - Bruce and Alison Weiler ARMBREAKER101@comcast.net

PORTLAND, OREGON - Chris LeBlanc Tactical@stick-and-knife.com

LOS ANGELES - Marc Scott marcdscott@yahoo.com

SAN JOSE - Michael Jen mjen@pacbell.net

NEW HAMPSHIRE - Steven Lefebvre airyu@hotmail.com

NEW YORK - WR Mann wr@realfighting.com

KOREA - Jeff Guthery gojeff321@hotmail.com

SLOVAKIA - Radek Sefcik sefcik@jkd.sk

In Australia

BLUE MOUNTAINS - John Badman John.Badman@defence.gov.au

CAMPBELLTOWN - Brett Gross brettgross@bigpond.com

CANBERRA - Travis Faure Travis.Faure@defence.gov.au

CANBERRA - Tim Jones erissdonkey@hotmail.com

SYDNEY (Richmond) - Dale Hunt dalehunt@vipermartialarts.com

SYDNEY - Matthew Carr matthew.carr2@defence.gov.au

SYDNEY - Stuart McDermid s_j_mc@yahoo.com.au

All Added, thanks and enjoy your stay in the States.