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FLOW FIGHTING: Toughness Training for Martial Arts & Combat Sports By: Scott Sonnon Available At: WWW.RMAX.TV

Flow Fighting is the second video instructional aid from Scott Sonnon that focuses on how to help coaches, fighters, and martial artists improve the mental aspects of their training and how to enhance their ability to utilize their flow state. Throughout the course of this video, Coach Sonnon discusses the various aspects of training that help to enhance and diminish a person's ability to flow.

One of the first points that are covered is the debate between Combat systems and Sport systems in regards to which aspect has the better methodology of training for success. Coach Sonnon goes into detail concerning the pluses and minuses that each faction have and how both are technically correct in their views. He then goes on to discuss how a person can incorporate the best of both factions through competition.

Upon bringing up the term competition, Coach Sonnon goes into a thorough explanation of what competition truly entails. We find that competition isn't about purely winning or losing, it's more about training versus active, resisting opponents. Training in this manner is a key to increasing your abilities, be it for the street or the ring.

After discussing the various aspects of competition, Coach Sonnon begins to describe how various drills impact a person's ability to gain skill. Static, fluid, and dynamic drills are introduced and covered in general detail.

From here, Coach Sonnon takes each of the three drills and covers them in depth. While breaking the drills down, he gives not only tips that enhance the drills themselves, but also tips that help to further improve the individual's performance in other aspects. A few things that are covered here are: how being told to "relax" actually places a burden on a person's performance, how time spent on static drills should be limited to a certain quantity, and how one goes about reducing recovery time in order to increase their ability to flow.

The next subject covered is that of catastrophic training. This is the method of training where a person focuses on either high percentage moves or worse case scenarios. The viewer is then informed of the hazards of this method. Coach Sonnon details how a person's training needs to cover the entire range from high percentage moves to worst case scenarios. He states that unless a person is introducing "surprises" into his training, he is merely remaining in his comfort zone and is not enhancing his skill levels. Also mentioned is the error of depending on a plan to get one through a fight and how a person should keep this in mind while training and actually fighting.

The final area that is covered is that of confidence. Coach Sonnon relates some of his personal stories and how they relate to a person's search for confidence and what confidence truly is. During this time, the viewer is told that it's an error to have confidence in a collection of techniques. True confidence is one's ability to mitigate stress that is introduced during moments of adversity. Coach Sonnon also details how the tougher you get through training, the less distracted you become during the stress of real life encounters.

In closing, Flow Fighting is an outstanding video source of information. Coach Sonnon has a solid package of sport, combat, and personal psychology principles that anyone, regardless of their goals in training, can readily apply and benefit from. The production qualities of the tape are top notch and the inspirational quotes that appear between each topic serve to keep the viewer constantly motivated and looking forward to the upcoming segment of information. People that are serious about increasing not only their physical skills, but their mental skills as well; would be well served by viewing this material. It is bound to help them in more ways than is imaginable.