Flower sweep

Could someone give me a run-through of the flower sweep? I just started ju jitsu and I tried this the other day and ended up giving up position and getting sidemounted. Is it only possible to do when your opponent gets up on one leg and pressures into you? Thanks.

pressuring in helps but is not 100% necessary. he does need to be bent over at the waist. the leg does not have to be up, but again it can help.

Is this what people refer to as the pendulum sweep? If so, there are tons of entries no gi, and tons more w/ a gi.

it's much easier if your opponent is standing but as said, if he has his
weight moving forward you can hit the sweep even if he's on his knees.

trap his right arm onto your chest or as far across to your right side as
you can.

shoot your right arm underneath his left leg at the knee and pull your
torso as close to that leg as you can. think of having your ear touch his
knee. it also helps to grab his left arm with your right hand from his
underhooking position to trap that arm too and prevent him from
messing with your legs.

open your legs and swing them around as if going for the armbar on
his right arm. you might just want to finish with the armbar, but if you
want the sweep...

pull his weight a bit forward onto you and sweep/swing back your left
leg in a pendulum/scissoring motion toward his right leg while lifting
with your right arm and pushing with your right leg into his armpit. it
helps to pull on his right arm.

sweep him toward your left shoulder not directly to the side.

end up in mount.

great explanation Erik.

i would add that if you're getting your guard passed as you try this it might be because your opponents weight is seated back and he is too upright for you to affect him with this sweep and you are probably passing your legs for him.

if you are just starting out i would recommend that you try this move with your partner on both knees or with one leg up, not standing (you have to have a good command of your hip movement for that one)

if you are underhooking with your the right arm then focus on stretching and kicking out your left leg as far as you can to your left and behind you, at the same time that motion and your underhook should pull your head as close as possible to your partners left knee (you should be perpendicular) now your legs should almost be doing a split at this point.

NOW these 3 things must happen a split second after the other in one fluid motion ... 1. use that tension to kick your right calf up behind your partners left armpit 2. begin to scissor your legs by curling the left leg that started the kick motion 3. use your right underhook to lift his left leg as his weight should aleady be tipping over. if you have trapped his right arm then you should end up in mount.

tactically, i like to mislead by going for an obvious armbar that my opp will hide his head for to avoid the leg clamping over it and give slight stacking pressure ... and thats when i'll hit the flower sweep.

good luck with it!

don't focus so much on whether or not a technique works against a more experienced partner as a beginner. focus on repping a basic technique such as a flower sweep as perfectly as possible until you can do it perfectly under pressure. attempt the techniques while rolling and try to do them just as you practiced them. don't be so attached to whether they work or not, just try and do them like you practiced them. then, observe what happens. maybe they work, maybe your opponent resists somehow. if they resist, observe what they did then try and figure out what to do then by discussing it with your instructor or partner.

do you try to pendulum ur leg towards the floor so hes weight goes forward before u begin to scissor ur legs? or is this step not necessary?

"do you try to pendulum ur leg towards the floor so hes weight goes
forward before u begin to scissor ur legs? or is this step not necessary"

as Christian mentioned, " focus on stretching and kicking out your left
leg as far as you can to your left and behind you"

so yeah. by the time you start to scissor your legs he's already being
swept and the scissoring motion of your leg just gives you that extra
bit of help and also prevents your leg from being trapped beneath his
upper body and thus giving you mount.

btw, Christian taught me this sweep... he hits this effortlessly so ignore
my posts and read his again :)

One great thing about the flower sweep is that there are a ton of high percentage followups for just about anything he can do to defend it.

Let's say you're trying to sweep him to your left. If for whatever reason he's not going over, you can just throw your left leg over his face and armbar him.

Let's say you lost control of his arm and he yanked his arm out of the way of an armbar. Just throw your left leg over his right shoulder and spin back the other way and triangle him.

Let's say he stands up in good posture. You have his left leg underhooked with your right arm, so use that to spin up and kneebar his left leg.

Let's say his left foot is posted but his right knee is down, and he's putting all of his weight on his left side so he doesn't get swept to his right. Move your right arm down so it's hooking his foot at the heel, post your left palm behind your head and lift your hips up and knock him over to his butt and come up to mount.

I like the version of the flower sweep that's done from the high guard: You've got one leg on his shoulder, both his arms are on the same side and you underhook his leg and grab around his head to flower sweep him. Notice that you don't grab his arm. You don't have to - he can't base out with his arm to stop the sweep because it's trapped on the other side of your body.