Floyd Mayweather JR, another issue


Video of him chewing out a security guard... I honestly can't blame him. Seems messed up to me.


I could see this happen easily. There's a lot of people who would not know what Mayweather looks like. The guy was just doing his job. That's why Mayweather pays a lot of money to live in a community like that....to screen people coming in. It probably didn't help that he was driving a van with "Miss Jackson" written across the sides.

This idiot seems hell bent on self-destruction. All the talent in the world and not a lick of sense. You're driving, you have your license. Period. Not the security guard's fault that you're an idiot Floyd.

Didn't the gaurd say he knows who he is? He says it right after he asks him for id. If he knows then open the gate. He isn't getting paid to harass the residents of the community. If it was a visitor go right ahead and play hardball. Phone Post

It is a gated community. He is not personally guarding every house. It is customary to show ID. Floyd was driving a car so according to the law he should have his ID.

Floyd is an egotistical idiot period.

do donkeys players hoop at Peoria Athletic Club?