Floyd Mayweather Vs Tank Abbott

Obviously Mayweather is faster and has better stand up skills, but he only weighs 150 lbs.  I say Tank would destroy Mayweather due to his girth and 500 pound jackhammers.

Gary Hughes

Nickname Tank
Height 6 ft 0 in (183 cm)
Weight 250 lb (113 kg)
Born 1965
Fighting out of Huntington Beach,
Town of birth Huntington Beach,
Fighting style Pitfighting

I don't think Tank has weighed 250 lbs. in a long time.


Mayweather wins this one imo Tank will want to swing

Floyd wins this one in bare knuckle eight days a week.

I think Tank would bum rush him, force into the fence, then grind his face into the fence for a submission while smiling like a maniac.

You guys ever see a little guy hit a true heavyweight? Especially one with a rock head like tank. Tank by mauling.

Tank wouldn't land a single punch PBF defense is the best in boxing. for every punch that Tank throws he would be hit 10 times or more. Also PBF would most likely aim for the soft gut not the head so he wouldn't break his hand

If top ranked boxers can't pressure mayweather, how the hell is a low-skilled tank suppossed to?

lol @ this thread...

Mayweather by boxing clinic.

"when you can hit that hard itsn ot impossible to break your hand with an 8 oz glove"

You're giving Floyd's power a little too much credit. He doesn't have devastating KO power. I would give his power a B.

I honestly don't know who would win this fight.

Tank would get killed!! He is too slow, and he is out of shape. It would not even be a close fight.

"Roy Jones Jr. ain't never gonna knock out Tyson"

I remember Tank saying this

I know Tank isn't exactly known for his wrestling...but if you think a guy tank's size can't take down Mayweather then you are crazy.

The only way Mayweather can win is if Tank never touches him. If Tank gets a clinch/takedown or lands even one power shot this fight is over.

Wait is this MMA?

No its in the street, and Mayweather has knocked out larger opponents in the street before.

He knocked some huge bouncer/ bodygurad in a club in New York. home was 6'5 280. Mayweather is from the streets and he just isnt a boxer, he has street instincts.

Stupid thread

I think I'm going to have to go with Tank on this one. He is too big and strong. Floyd would have a good shot if it was open street. But in a bar, I have no doubt Tank would win.