Floyd Mayweather's next fight delayed?

 Reason #1: Rib Injury


Reason #2: Roger Mayweather arrested


= More buys for UFC 103: Franklin vs. Belfort?


It never would have impacted their buys anyways, it's a different market and PBF vs Marquez isn't a big fight.

Roger wasnt assaulting that chick. He was just sparring with her.

 god hes annoying as fuck.  why wont he just die?

^^That's racist.

Oh he will die once he fights pacquiao

qpcocodb - Oh he will die once he fights pacquiao

And he knows it...which is why his dick is firmly tucked between his legs at all times whenever pacman is mentioned.

"I won't fight him because he's not his own man..."


 He didn't want to get pwn'd  by UFC 103 I guess.

Scared UFC will do better PPV numbers

...you do know Marques beat Pac...right?Judging sucks and we all know who won those fights.Marq is a tougher fight than Pac for Money,he will win both then a rematch,then retire again.Then he will come back again to fight the new #1 and lose.Yea,thats how it will go down.

He keeps delaying trying to drum up buys. Forget it, no-one cares about him now unless he goes against Manny. This fight will do horrible buys against 103, and will only hurt his leverage for any pacquio negotiations.

Floyd is not delaying this because hes scared of going heads up with the UFC. His head trainer is going to jail. This isnt an easy fight where he can just get anyone to train him. JMM drew with Pacman and then was robbed during a split decision loss which pretty much everyone felt he won. He brings with him the mexican fans so he sells well every fight. PBF is the pound for pound king and he also sells very well. UFC and boxing have different audiences so they dont affect each other as much as youd think.

 Isn't this the 2nd delay due to Floyds injurys

palerider101 -  Isn't this the 2nd delay due to Floyds injurys

Floyd isn't injured this time, his trainer (Roger Mayweather) is in jail on strangulation charges.

that should pretty much end boxing

really they should just stop while there's still some respect in and for the sport