Only a 100k reward? Surely what was stolen would be more expensive than that, unless the thief’s weren’t very ambitious.

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Nice house

What a soulless shithole in the middle of a wasteland.

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Phuck , I would invite Frank , Dana , Lorenzo over for Tea and crumpets

A French Chateau in the middle of Uganda…?

Damn Tough Crowd ,You could be to Circus Circus in 5 minutes

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Looks like he lives in a casino.

As much as I am sure everyone wants to talk shit, this still sucks. Fuck thieves.



Fuck thieves, also, I don’t care that a retarded rich douchebag got robbed. Fuck everyone in this scenario.

You mean the guy that has 15 security guards with him everywhere didn’t have any security at his house… something smells fishy. Inside job?

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Inside job

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