Fluid vs Speed

What are the opinions. Can being fluid make up for speed? And can being fluid appear as speed.

I have fought with people who said I was fast but I said its because I am fluid and it gives the appearance of speed. As one strike or motion is completeed, another is following before it returns.

So there appears to be a fast motion coming in after the other but its not.

Robert, dead-on.

There is physiological speed, and then there is psychological agility (recovery time from surprises, expectations, errors, catastrophic thinking, etc...)

The late Col. Boyd and his OODA loop theory influenced US fighter jet design. Basically, a faster, less armored and lighter armed jet could destroy its slower, more heavily armed and armored cousins. However, a slower, medium armored and armed jet with greater response time, greater "agility," could defeat both. (Reference Flow-State Performance Spiral and Flow-Fighting.)

Be agile.

Coach Sonnon

Sorry to nitpick, but a "greater response time" and a "better response time" are two different animals...

- Jrichardson, really

Whoops. "Better" not greater. Thanks, Jon. It's the encroaching Senior moments.

Coach Sonnon