Flyers get Sean Burke

Liek I said, Esche getting hurt was the best thing to happen..


eshe is a better goalie, but he and burke were friends in pheonix and burke is awesome in tutor mode!

good move for the flyers!

too bad they wont make it by the 1st rd in the playoffs

are u nuts???

If they dont meet up with NJ or Ottowa in the 1st then they are gonna kick anyones ass...


That kicks ass! no more excuses.. ITS CUP TIME!

flyers one and out


Burke's a solid addition to any team.

Alot of fucking morons on this thread....


just the ninth person to post

Toronto BLOWS

Toronto blows??? and why is that, they have been playing half the year with 3 or 4 impact guys out and they are still at the top of the conference or near it.
when they have a full healthy team they will be tough to beat. id take eddie belfour over over any teams goalie in the east with the exception of brodeur. and TO's offence is comparable to the rest in division, defence is getting the job done, and team toughness is better than all in the conference. Any of TO, NJ,Philly or Ottawa could come oout of the East. By no accounts do the leafs BLOW lol

"By no accounts do the leafs BLOW ".. you Sir Are wrong, they do blow

and where are you from??? philly?

I am from Ottawa...

lol ok same thing... philly ottawa.. both will be victims of TO come playoff time

toronto is going to be a victim of social security...

itll be nap time by the time they get to the playoffs

elvenlegolas how are Philly and Ottawa going to be victims in the Playoffs when TO leaves the Playoofs in the first round?

I cant remember....

How did the Leafs exit from the playoffs last year?

always living in the past.... thats why i dont care how long its been for the leafs.... or was it that i am trying to block it out lol.... the point being i am always an optimist and i think this year a healthy leafs team can win that conference in the playoffs.... key word-CAN

Who beat the Leafs last year? Oh yeah Phily :)