Flying Armbar **VID** US Open '06

hey guys.. havent posted on here in a while.. figured id share a vid of
mine. from the US Open '06 in Santa Cruz.. Blue namer please do the
honors.. thanks

Academy: KIOTO NY




that was super tight

lol@chris reedy trying to hijack the thread.

yeah yeah u had a nice flying triangle chris, is this gonna be the story of your life?

Im not to good shit that like prolly will never happen again so yes! haha

haha lol at hijacking a thread

nice triangle chris

well then ride it out as long as you can baby, write a book maybe and hijack some more threads?

i fight in my oldest gi because i feel most loose and comfortable in
that.... unfortunately thats the one with the least amt of patches.... thanks
for the comments!

Look at the other dudes gi it looks like an old dirty bath robe.

^ hahahahha