Flying to Oahu on Thursday?

Flying to Oahu Thursday for a couple weeks on the north shore... are we totally fucked ? What do you guys think? Will they cancel flights because of hurricane lane? Is the north shore going to be devestated? Thanks in advanced for responses 

if kod exists, let the north shore get sucked out into the ocean!!!

this is hilarious. 

i will plan an airdrop into the epicenter when the ensuing zombocalypse hits

If you're staying on the north Shore and if we get some effects, not a direct hit, it'll still be bad due to flooding, no access to stores, emergency services. If there is a direct hit, even if Cat 1, the whole island is fucked. Widespread power outages and you'll see human zombies out there. North Shore is a low priority when it comes to infrastructure, you'd be better off in waikiki.

what a disappointment this whole thing was... lol

Every pending "disaster" that Hawaii has had since 2001 has been a disappointment.  Maybe foodland has a large share in media hype?

No shit, lol at planning for a natural disaster, just let it happen.

Ugh... another one as soon as I'm headed home.

Nah just gonna be rain I think,  and fucken evil humidity. 

humidity keeps you young!

FCTV808 -

humidity keeps you young!

Not in level 4 body armor it doesn't.