Flying Triangle

One thing to pull one off against a scrub, whole different story against a Black Belt in Judo and a Brown Belt in BJJ.

A lot of people have been asking me if the "liver shot" from Nam Phan hurt that bad on TUF this year. I didnt get caught in the liver it was a rib shot. I had seperated a couple of ribs about a week before the show and Nam Phan threw a perfect punch which landed square on my bad ribs. Nam is a great fighter and good on him for setting up that punch he deserved that win for sure!

I am now 3-0 since the taping of the show against former UFC and Bellator fighters and have won both expert divisions in the grappling events i entered so the ribs are healed and i am working my way back up that ladder!

Thanks for all the support out there guys it has been amazing!

Love Always,

Mike "the fruit booter' Budnik