Flying with a gun?

Going to be taking a trip in September and wasn’t really planning on bringing a gun with me but wondered if any OGers have ever done this before while on vacation?

Besides the great advice of, don’t carry it on you lol and don’t have it loaded what is the protocol?

The gun needs to be in checked luggage, locked with TSA locks or regular locks? Cartridges in a separate locked box with TSA locks or regular locks? Etc…

Is it worth the hassle? Did they question you? Did they strip search you when you brought a gun in your luggage or do you have to pay extra for that treatment?

In. Doing this for the first time in October to bring my new Beretta A400 out to MN with me to duck hunt.

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im probably on some list now just for googling that so…

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dont usa tsa locks.

they’ll have you accompany you luggage to a special place to check everything, then put tape on your bag so they can tell if its fucked with.

i dont remember if you have to have ammo in a separate locked case, but i do anyway.

dont fly with parts including mags. everything in checked luggage.

DONT bring a gun anywhere you cant have a gun, like NY or NJ. If you’re laying over dont touch your luggage even if you have to stay overnight. if you are diverted in NJ, rent a car and drive to another state and catch a plane, if you cant drive to final destination


Don’t try flying into Canada with one unless it’s for hunting.

I’m always surprised (not surprised) by how many dopes try to get into Canada with their guns.

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Years ago I read an article about traveling with a firearm, it said to check the TSA website and your airline’s website for information. Apparently different airlines have different requirements, so make sure you can accommodate everything, and don’t get surprised by any requirements at the airport.

If I recall correctly, the article was about a woman going to NY. She had her firearm and ammo in separate locked boxes, but because both boxes were in her suitcase, they didn’t consider it separate containers and she was being charged with a crime. So check the TSA website, your airline’s website, and any state laws for where your going or traveling through if you have a layover

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Just buy an AR14 off the street when you get there. Biden said it’s easier than getting a voter id!


In NY you have to notify TSA you have a gun in your check-in luggage and they usually have a local police officer inspect the gun prior to the bag getting checked in. Make sure you’re aware of carry laws in whatever State you travel to as they vary and you must have a permit to carry in most states. If you have a CCW from Florida it’s good in like 37 other states but they may vary in their laws. For example, in SC you must be a resident of Florida to CCW in SC, if you live in another state you cannot carry in SC.

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I fly my F-15 wherever I want.

I can drop bombs for you if needed. Just throw me some gas money.


On vacation now and have my pistol. Pretty hassle free. Glock 19 in a locked pelican case and 2 magazines with ammo in a separate pouch, but in the same rolling suitcase.
Just have to declare with the airlines. They’ll look at it and have you sign a card with all the firearm info and place with pistol… At least that’s been my experience with Hawaiian Air on numerous occasions.
Then you have to wait while it processes through TSA. Usually I have to wait 10 mins after the bag goes down stairs. If they don’t call me then it’s ok.
Only problem I ever had was TSA/Hawaiian Air broke the zipper on my suitcase last time “inspecting” the bag. Hawaiian gave me a new one on the spot.
I always carry my ccw permit and a copy of the registration just in case I get stopped or the weapon is lost.

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