FMJ/Paul does roughly 1M buys

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No way are those 2 getting what they claimed to be getting paid then if it only did 1 Million.

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Sponsors, ticket sells etc

So Mayweather claimed he’d be making somewhere between 50-100 million, so lets just say he thought he’d get 75. Paul was contracted to get 250k and 10% of the PPV buys (not sure if that’s before or after expenses), so let’s say before. So that’s 5.25 million-he claimed he made 20 million. Total headliner fight purse is 80.25 million from a 50 million buy rate before expenses. Nonsense. Neither fighter got anywhere close to what they claimed.


sponsors aren’t paying that much

Yeah, no chance there sponsors are playing millions and millions for that.

Still though, 5 million is not too bad for a guy in his second boxing match.

I just wonder how long Triller can keep the momentum up though.

Yeah, but that’s 5 million if the 10% of PPV revenue is before expenses. It’s still a long way from the 20 million he claimed which by the way is the reason Francis is up in arms about his pay.

Both Mayweather and Paul have given figures for how much they expect to make from sponsors–Mayweather’s aforementioned claim of $30 million, and Paul told TMZ he anticipates making around $20 million–

I’m fighting a YouTuber who thinks he’s a real fighter,” Mayweather said in Showtime’s June 4 interview. “And I’m getting crazy money for it. I’ve already made $30 million just building up to the fight. Just the buildup, I’ve already made $30 million.”

I love how everyone is an expert on how much Floyd made when he’s clearly made a bazillion dollars on boxing and promotion already.

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Floyd made a guaranteed $10 million prior to the fight lol. Now add another $25 million from the buys. Plus he’s his own boss/promoter. Ticket sales, hot dog sales, t-shirt sales etc lol. The dude is business savvy.


Floyd will clear that easy…I mentioned in another thread, Floyd will make a ton of money (on top of his guaranteed minimum) via Mayweather Promotions. He gets revenue from ticket sales, as well as tickets to sell on the secondary market, food and beverage, merchandising, parking, sponsorships, foreign TV deals…all that funnels back to Floyd through the promotional company. The guy and his team know how to make money.


He’s also spent almost as much. This purse likely mostly went towards paying off bookies and casinos.

This is the reason Arum hates him.

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What’s the usual expenses on ppv, I.e. how much would showtime take from that 50 million gross?

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Floyd 50% of buys
Paul 10%
Showtime etc 40%

I agree they ain’t making what they claim but I made 3500 bucks for my second fight and that’s because I sold 250 tickets.

Probably got paid 30 mill EthMax hahaha

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