FMJ/Paul does roughly 1M buys

Logan has 20 million and all of those subscribers saw the $50 price point and streamed the fight for free.

Yep, sponsors and would be nice to know how much cashapp paid to be in the ring

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I think crowbar is posting it to prove Floyd doesn’t really lie about his pay days

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They would have done more buys had it been on a Saturday

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To be fair, he said he made 30 million of the sponsers on his shorts alone. Which, is believable for him.

Place was empty

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Also, I streamed but it appeared the PPV had commercial breaks. Is that true?! If so, WTF

The PPV didn’t work for me lol. So I had to stream it also

dont they also sell it to all the markets that dont have ppv ? I think that brings in alot more as well.

cash app paid a few million for sure.

I have floyds sponsorship deck from the mac fight it was about 20m for everything combined. I dont know if he gets that but he seems like the type to stick to his pricing or leave it blank.


The stadium wasn’t even half full.