F'n BitTorrent

What took so long for everyone (me) to find bittorrent? They have full length Pride, UFC, WVT, Choke, Rites of Passage, Smashing Machine, ect... all for download.

Too bad I already bought most of the shows. :(

What site has all those videos for download?

pride inferno right now 6%

couldnt find smashing machine though

Well the shows are not DVD quality ;), more of a preview to intice someone to buy the DVD. ;)


lions-d, lol
I'm at 83%

Shit, let it run, it's not like you are working for it... a free show every two days... good deal

Can we interact with other users there? It'd sure be great if I could trade some of the taped MMA events that I have.

Expect the full show.

bushido is the all gracie show right