Foam Rollers --SMR folks

I've got sore muscles. (started lifting and BWE) Drinking lots of water, lots of whole foods, some supplements.

Thinking about getting a foam roller. This really seems to be a good way to stretch, "break" up stiff places, and loosen up the body.

I know I can make one but I want convenience. Preferably from

So, what kind is the best. Not too soft obviously. Looks like they are mostly a 6-in diameter (best size?). Is there a brand/model# of a roller that is an agreed upon "good" or "best" one?

There's one from that has foam over PVC and then a little spandexish "bag" around it. Once you roll enough and the foam seems too soft and/or weak, u can rip the foam off and just use the PVC. 2 birds with one stone. Their "tiger tail" rules too....way better AND cheaper than "the stick". Hope this helps. Phone Post

You can always get pvc pipe for 1/10 the cost from a hardware store.

You'll sometimes have to play with your positioning to get them rolling the right area (inner thigh was a tricky one for me) but other than that, it's not rocket science. Early on the main thing holding you back will be how much pain you can tolerate. Seriously.

So..... I'm guessing as long as it's pretty firm any of them are good to go? Incidentally, if you make your own, where and what foam to get? Phone Post

There are a lot of options online. I think target in the fitness section has them still( where I first got one). I just made one out of 6 in. pvc from Home Depot. They have precut 1 to 2 foot sections. To make it a little softer I glued a cut piece of yoga mat( any rubber would work) and use that. It works to go slow and work on tight(i.e. sore areas). You tube myofacial release or foam roller. It will make a difference when you use it on a regular basis.

If you're going to buy one then get a blue one, they're the stiffest type and will last you the longest.

All I use is PVC pipe, tennis balls and a golf ball.

I make sweat love to the one at my gym every time im there.

Great for your quads, hamstrings too.

ive been without mine while traveling and have used a 2l soda bottle.

Old coach uses a concrete pipe.

I hear him crying, still, but he's a limber son of a bitch!

Best investment you can make for a recovery tool... I thought it was silly until I researched it and started using it for myself and clientele Phone Post

27CrazyFeet - ive been without mine while traveling and have used a 2l soda bottle.

yup. generic 2L does the job for 1/millionth the price. lasts longer too.

dont skimp buy a name brand 2l.. SO MUCH BETTER!!!

j/k tons of options really.