focus mitts

Lookin at my gym's focus mitts, I realised that we could really use some new ones. I think the old ones are ringside, these yellow things with canvas pocket and they're falling apart.
I was wondering if anybody had any input on good focus mitts.

What brands are good?

Any specific models?

I was kind of looking at these:','Pro%20Punch%20Mitts'

Looking at everlast, I don't know why their high performance model is cheaper than their standard one. I have a pair of everlast gloves that I've really never liked (expensive 20oz) and I'm wondering if they're over-rated for certain products.

Any advice?


Call me crazy, trendy, or old fashioned, but I also like these:

Those first two are HUGE. I don't care for the big ones like that.

The 3rd one is sweet. I have two pairs of similar mitts. I say go for that one.

Another one I have tried and REALLY like (next on my list of toys to buy) is the Panther series with the curved pad...NICE!

I got the panther style Ultimate Classic.
They're comin soon.


Got the mitts a few weeks ago.

They are the most comfy mitts I've ever used. My only complaint is that they are a tiny azz target; but that can also be a good thing. They're made up to the standards of a baseball mitt/glove and the pocket is not made with that cheap, quick-to-fall-apart canvas stuff that i've seen from other mitts.

Our gym may be getting some spar mitts soon; firing back and forth seems like it'd help.