Foki fighting on Pride Bushido 5

Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but supported the Aussie.

"Henry “Sentoryu” Miller (USA) vs. Mal “Twin Tiger” Foki (Australia)"

Foki is fighting the Sumo that Giant Silva beat in the Pride GP "Total Elimination". This guy has jack-all skills, but his huge. If Foki can get past the size difference he should have his way in this fight.

Also Krazy Horse v Gomi should be awesome. Gomi will win though.

From Sherdog.


Takanori Gomi (Japan) vs. Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett (USA)

Hayato “Mach” Sakurai (Japan) vs. Crosley Gracie (USA)

Ikuhisa “The Punk” Minowa (Japan) vs. Tatsunori Ueyama (Japan)

Ryo Chonan (Japan) vs. Carlos Newton (Canada)

Yasuhito Namekawa (Japan) vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (Brazil)

Henry “Sentoryu” Miller (USA) vs. Mal “Twin Tiger” Foki (Australia)

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Say hi to Crazy Horse for me. How big is MILLER?

NAMEKAWA lost to NEST before.


I missed Namekawa's name in there - God I hope he beats Shogun, but unless he's come along in leaps and bounds it's hard to imagine. Would make for a good 'A beats B beats C' for Sam though... ;-)

Every time an Aussie has had a shot in Pride, theres some overwhelming odds.

Matt Fuki gets to face Fedors giant brother. Massie weight disadvantage.

Mel Fuki gets someone with a much bigger weight difference (although granted, skills are in Mel's favour).

Mark Hunt gets a Yoshido, some one who has been playing on the ground all there life.

I am not including Nathan Jones as I beleive that was found to be a "work".

If I forgot some, apologies.

For once I am actually really looking forward to Pride Bushido though.

Best of luck to Mal!

what weight is MILLER???

Mal is about 113kg /250lb


miller is guessing 140-150kgs.

If Foki can keep it standing...He should do well against the big fella. Although he's not skilled in submission, the big fella looks as though he can GnP a bit..

I think Mal can take him, and I hope he does, cause if he doesn't, the PRIDE deal with them may disappear. We all know how the Japanese do business.

Best of luck Mal

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I sure think he gotta better draw then his brother!


Correct Justin

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Definitely a better draw than Fedor. It might be pretty hard to keep it standing against a sumo like Miller, who will obviously want it on the deck. Just gotta not be under him when they land... ;-) Great shot at it though - best of luck!!

more pride news....

Igor is back and fighting Fuji....

Look out for the Russian Concussion's return!!

still cant find his weight :(

I am sure that the kimura was sunk from the bottom while MILLER was in side control :)


Yep, it definitely was - Silva's arms may be just a LITTLE longer than Mal's though, so I hope he doesn't rely on that one. ;-)

Bodes well for Millers ground skills though, doesn't it...

maybee SILVA had him entangled with Bodily hair?


"what weight is MILLER???"

Have you seen "PrideFC: Total Elimination 2004"?? He's Giant Silva's first round fight. And he lost alot of weight for that fight. He used to be a Sumo wrestler, pretty good one too.

I can not remember hes exact weight but I estimate abetween 30-40 kilo advantage atleast give or take. Although he is apprently continuing to lose weight so he may be ligher.

You reckon he's like 170kg??

I have seen it but I reckon he'd only be 120 ish unless he is freaky tall, was hard to gauge v silva... anyone??


I'm thinking paulmat might have been saying Miller has a 30-40 kilo advantage over Foki, not Silva...

Even over Mal that'd make him 140 min, I dint mean over silva


go you good thing!