Folding a set

Damn you work so hard to get a set when you have a pocket pair and lo and behold there is a flush draw or straight draw on the flop.

My set of A's lost to a straight and my set of 6's lost to flush this weekend. I know I need to let these hands go when the board indicates a potential flush or straight (cost me over $100 so it won't be too hard to learn). I guess it is teaching me the value of raising more pre-flop and betting a lot more on the flop (to give the guys chasing a draw crap odds to call).

This transition from Limit to No Limit is quite an expensive learning experience.

At the casino this weekend I was sitting at a 2-4-8 spread game waiting for the higher limit tables to open up a spot.

I raised with KK in the early position making it $6 to go and got two callers who saw every flop all the time. The flop comes 9 7 3 rainbow, and I led out with the max $4 bet. The turn comes a 6 and I simply cannot assume the worst and allow a draw out on the river, so bet $8. It gets raised to $16 then reraised to $24. I look at the two grizzled clueless old fuckers and say with a straight face "did you really call my raise with that trash?". One said "yup". I folded and they exposed 6 9 offsuit and 8 10 offsuit as the two hands they called a $6 raise with.

I could get pissed, but hell with it. By the end of the night they had both bought two or more racks and I was playing with their money. Thats poker.