folding mats: swain or zebra??

what's better overall??? any others??


Folding? why not just get real non-folding mats? Both Swain and Zebra make great mats, but they ain't cheap.


whizzard-i don't have a room dedicated for matspace yet. still need to use my garage for other things.

kai-is tiffin better???

the only thing is i don't live within the 48 states, i live in the 50th, so i'm gonna have to drop some cash on shipping.

thanks people

Contact you're local foam distributor. Check into polyurethane or ethafoam. Make you're own. . . You can glue canvas or vinyl to one side and you're set.

Swain. The thinner one. We swithced from a 2" Tiffin to a 1 3/8 Swain. They custom made it in an unusual size for us. Great mat.